Soup Kitchen, local boy and girl scouts

SEMINARY, Miss. - Local boy and girl scouts had a soup kitchen Monday.

Although classes were cancelled because of MLK Day, some of these kids had a fun time giving back to the community and helping those who are in need.

Scout leader, Patt Ellis said, "We chose to do the soup kitchen today because we knew that it's right after the holidays. A lot of people's families are short of money, due to trying to pay down the Christmas debt and still try and stay in float until their income tax comes around. And, we know that their cabinets are kind of getting empty. So, we thought that we would do this because it's also a day the kids are out of school, and they need a good hot meal."

"We're feeding the community and it just makes me feel good that I'm doing a good thing and it's a good deed for everybody," said scout, Maranda Guthrie.

Ellis said they fed around 100 people and also fellowshipped with them.



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