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Edwards Street Fellowship Center Director receives 'Kindness in Action' recognition

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - This week's 'Kindness in Action' recipient is an unsung hero to many people in Hattiesburg.

Director of Edward Street Fellowship Center (ESFC), Ann McCullen devotes her life ensuring low-income residents receive food and medical attention.

Ann McCullen began serving as Executive Director in July 2013 and has been a member of the ESFC Board of Directors since 2010.

Everyday Ann and her volunteers at the center serve bags filled with groceries and offer medical services to around 3,000 people a month.

“It is hard to survive, you know expenses mount up, we see some people for a season of life, but some people are here month after month" said Ann.

According to Ann the mission of (ESFC) for the last 38 years is to provide services to struggling families who are confronted by life circumstances beyond their capacity to overcome without a helping hand.

The ministry is centered on a commitment to strengthening families and meeting special needs in the greater Hattiesburg area.

Ann said the purpose is to shine the light of God's love in the dark places of human need.

She added, "We are here for people who needs the services.” Ann is always in the middle of it all, she is either evaluating the groceries or overseeing the center's newly built medical clinic, which is desperately needed.

Ann said, “You know health is fundamental and we realized that there is a segment of the population that is not getting healthcare."

"And there only option is to go to the medical room, when things just got that bad" she said.

It goes without saying, without people like Ann running the center that serves up to 7 counties and the city of Hattiesburg, the Pine Belt would suffer from limited resources.

She mentioned, “It is part of my faith, I mean this is my response for everything God has done for me and I am thankful for the life experiences that have given me the tool kit to be able to do a lot of things around here"

"And I love it because no two days are the same" said Ann.

To learn more about ESFC and its services you can click here.



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