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One Hattiesburg man describes his experience with the tornado

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The neighborhoods near William Carey University were hit pretty bad.

Many homes have suffered major damage.

Some are destroyed, and others can be fixed.

One resident talked about the experience he had with the tornado.

Resident, Jimmie Harrell said, "By the time the news man said take cover, that thing hit and all the devil broke loose. It sounded like a train coming man, and you're right in front of it. The house started shaking, and after a while you see glass. I'm 70-years-old. I ain't never in my life heard nothing like that. Out of all that ruckus, that little cross hanging on that nail, and it didn't go nowhere. It didn't budge. Now that's telling me God is in the mix."

Harrell thanks the community for the help and support.



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