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Lt. Governor Tate Reeves tours path of deadly E-F3 tornado

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - State Senators toured the path of the deadly E-F3 tornado with Lieutenant (Lt.) Governor Tate Reeves Tuesday.

Lt. Gov. Reeves said “It is devastating I mean if you look at the devastation that occurred throughout this area, you can’t help but be wanting to pray for these individuals that have suffered very very greatly.”

He said he is exploring avenues to help raise money to fund and repair the damages.

“Federal government, and federal management agencies will be here and do their assessments and be helpful where its possible" said Lt. Gov Reeves.

He continued, "But it also includes, raising money from individuals and institutions and private sector donations, that is one of the thing we are trying to do such as emergency care, and food."

During his trip he met with volunteers and donators to thank them for their time. He said he was happy, ServiceMaster is donating safety supplies and $10,000 to the community.

Service Master President Mary Kay Wegner said, “We recognized during a disaster that safety first is absolutely imperative for residents and as well as businesses."

She continued, "We care about this community, we do business in this community, and we want to help the community of Hattiesburg rebuild.”

Lt. Gov. Reeves reminds the community there are brighter days ahead.



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