78-year-old man travels across U.S. helping natural disaster victims, gives Pine Belt victims bibles

PINE BELT, Miss. - A 78-year-old Florida man travels across the country to help victims of natural disaster and this week he stops in the Pine Belt to share words of hope, love, and scripture.

“Just remarkable how anyone can survive some of these ruins" said Les Pierce.

This is not the first time Piece helped Mississippi. In 2014 he drove to Columbia to help the victims of another deadly E-F3 tornado that killed 4 people.

Pierce said after he lost his darling wife, he started a new journey of volunteering at natural disaster sites across the United States.

The night before the tornado hit it was Pierces' birthday, instead of celebrating his life, he drove to the Pine Belt as fast as he could.

“So I have dedicated my life to the Lord’s work, and I give away a lot of bibles" said Piece. He continued, "In fact I came out yesterday (Tuesday) and I gave out a lot of bibles, that’s what I did yesterday I came out and handed out 100 bibles.”

Les sleeps in his van, it is his temporary home while he helps natural disaster victims. He works with local and state organizations and asks how he can assist every time he gets to a site.

“People come to me in different areas, even when I set up a disaster post with a Police Department" said Pierce.

"I have people come up to me, crying saying 'what do I do?', they are depressed, they have no idea what is going to happen" he said.

He does not have much, but with the money he has, Pierce buys bibles hoping scripture can comfort the victims.

Pierce added, “And it is costly to travel, the Lord always finds me a solution, wherever there is a need, I will be there, wherever Jesus sends me that is where I am.”

“You never understand why this has to happen, but it does" he said.

According to Pierce his next stop in in Georgia where he will tornado victims too.



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