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North Forrest High School donates supplies to those affected by the tornado

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - For the second time in less than a week, North Forrest High School donated supplies to New Testament Baptist Church near William Carey Tuesday to help those affected by the tornado.

North Forrest High teacher, Malia Triggs said, "The main thing is coming back into the community and seeing what a difference they make, because I don't think they really appreciated how much damage there was until we got down here. And, when we got down here, they really realized how lucky they were in addition to how they can make a difference."

The school donated clothes, cleaning supplies, and much more.

North Forrest High student, Louis Knight said, "I grew up around here. My auntie stays right down the street and my uncle stays on the street over. So, I just wanted to come back and help as best as I could."

"It's really an honor because it's like we got to wake up in our houses with everything we had the day before. And, they just wake up in the middle of the night, and they have nothing. And, it's like wow, that could've been us," said North Forrest High student, Malasia Windham.

North Forrest High alum and pastor of New Testament Baptist Church, Ron Regan appreciates the help these students are doing in the community.

"We're grateful to them. And, just having the mind set to come out and help the community will do something for them in the long run. Because I'm sure later on down their life, they're going to see something either of this magnitude, if not worse, and they know what it means to reach out and help those who were victims of such destruction," said Regan.

Regan said his church and The Community Crisis Coalition passed out more than 2,000 meals to victims, as well as clothes and supplies from the church.



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