Desk & Derrick Club receives proclamation from the City of Laurel

LAUREL, Miss. - The City of Laurel gave a proclamation to Desk & Derrick Club Wednesday, declaring March to be Desk & Derrick Awareness Month.

The club is a service organization for the oil industry. And, the City of Laurel wanted its citizens to know how important the group is to the community.

Mayor of Laurel, Johnny Magee said, "It's important for Jones County because oil is big here and with the down turn in the oil fields, we felt it, and we're glad to promote them by a proclamation because we feel like they're very important, and that we need them."

"We do a lot of community service work. So, we try to get our name out there to let people know that it is very important for you to know what the industry does for our community," said Rhonda Reynolds, President of Desk & Derrick Club.

Reynolds said the club has given over $125,000 in scholarship money.

If anyone is wanting to get an education in the oil industry, you can call (601) 580-0087 for scholarship information.



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