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Jones county investigators searching for two thieves, 18 firearms stolen at Maks

JONES COUNTY, Miss. - The Jones County Sheriff's Department is searching for two suspects who stole 18 firearms Friday at Maks on U.S. Highway 11.

Sergeant (Sgt.) Gables said, “They were two white males, both stocky built, one is a little heavier than the other, roughly around 210, the other ones probably ways around 200.”

The owner of Maks, Mike King said surveillance footage caught the two suspects riding a black 4-door vehicle.

King said, "We really haven’t narrowed it down, we looked at a lot of video, we got a lot of video, and I think there may be a few persons of interest, but we do not have any specifics.”

The car was circling the area before the two suspects broke in through the back door and shut down the beakers in an attempt to stop the alarm from going off according to Sgt. Gables.

Both investigators and King believe the two thieves have been to the store as customers before. The footage shows the two suspects in and out of the store in less than 2 minutes.

“Once they are inside the store, they go straight into the gun cabinet, grab the 13 pistols, and 5 rifles, they load the bags up and run straight back the door, so they are in there less than two minutes" said Sgt. Gables.

The thieves may have made a rookie mistake, after leaving the first time towards Interstate 59, both came back to pick-up something they dropped in front of the door.

As they left a second time, they recklessly pulled-out of the parking lot almost hitting another car.

Investigators and King hopes that person comes forward to report the incident. “It feels like an invasion, you know, your privacy, to have people come in like this" said King.

If you have any information contact Jones County Sheriff's Department (601) 425-3147.



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