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Laurel's Veterans Memorial Museum looks to expand

LAUREL, Miss. - Laurel's Veterans Memorial Museum is filled with various artifacts that display artwork and objects from past wars.

But, the problem this museum is facing is space.

Volunteer, Jimmy Bass said, "The building is full. We have to rotate things. We can't put everything out. We have to rotate them because we don't have room to display everything that has been given to us. We bought a storage building in the back just to put access artifacts in."

Bass said the museum has no employees, but has a bunch of people who volunteer their time to be there and help run it.

The money the museum does receive is to pay off basic utilities.

"We need to double the size of this museum. It's going to take several dollars to do it. And, about the only way we can build a building like that is maybe a federal grant," said Bass.

Each memorabilia the museum has all tell a story.

"About 95 percent of the artifacts in this museum are given to us by area veterans that they brought back from WWII, Korea, Vietnam. If they brought back a gun, or a bayonet, or a hand grenade, they've been donated to us for our museum," said Bass.

The museum is open Tuesday-Saturday.

If you want to donate, you can simply go to the museum to do so.



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