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Read Across America Day

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Dr. Seuss' birthday was celebrated across the country Thursday as many kids took part in Read Across America Day, including children from Hattiesburg.

Kids in between the ages of 2-6 were at the African American Military History Museum learning the importance of reading, and also had a fun time seeing animals from the Hattiesburg Zoo.

Education coordinator, Shuntasia Coleman said, "The main reason for our partnership with the Hattiesburg Zoo is just to give kids the exposure. Our museum has a reading room that was here for African Americans that lived in the City of Hattiesburg. So, it's really important to kind of tie that into the importance of being able to read and having that exposure and learning."

The kids heard a Dr. Seuss story and also had some green eggs and ham.

"Once you start reading at such a young age, your reading levels go up. And, then when you test in school, you get higher scores. That's one of the things we like to incorporate, the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards, so students will be ready for not just their primary in high school, but college as well," said Coleman.



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