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Local blogger running for Hattiesburg mayor

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - A local blogger Tom Garmon, announced his candidacy and is running for Hattiesburg Mayor.

Garmon filed as a Democrat last week and will challenge current Mayor Johnny DuPree and Catherine Starr in the primaries.

He told FOX 23 news, "It is clear to me that our government is not functioning for the average citizen out there."

He added, "It is functioning primarily for a small group of people, who are political campaign contributors, and relatives of politicians."

"What I am going to do it change that and put the government back in the hands of the people" said Garmon.

Garmon has more than 25,000 followers on his online blog, Hattiesburg Patriot, and he said it seeks to unveil truth and challenge local government.

Garmon ran for Hattiesburg Mayor in 2013.




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