Sewer rates increase for Laurel citizens

LAUREL, Miss. - Water and sewer rates have gone up for the citizens of Laurel.

But, this is not the first time these rates have increased.

Each year, rates have gone up 3% in order to have proper maintenance care for water pipes around the city.

Mayor of Laurel, Johnny Magee said, "We have water and sewer lines that are over 100-years-old in certain areas of the city. That doesn't last long. When they were putting these lines down at the time, they were made out of iron and different things. They rusted and corroded. We now use an updated PVC pipes that lasts for years and years. And if we do it now, we won't have to come back and do it. People will have better water pressure. They'll have better sewer protection. So, we do it to try and improve the city."

Magee said the 3% increase adds up to 88 cents per month.



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