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LPD swears in 4 officers

LAUREL, Miss. - Four men were sworn in Friday morning and officially began their new career as a Laurel Police Officer.

Laurel Police Officer, Brock Avera said, "It means a lot. It's a big milestone in my life and a big step in my career. I hope to see where it takes me."

"I've been wanting to join Laurel for awhile. The only reason I haven't is because I had to get my education first and get my degree. I worked for other departments before. But, I didn't want to join Laurel and have the issue of going to school being that Laurel is a busier department. I wouldn't have had time to study," said Laurel Police Officer, Dennis Borges.

Justin Landrum and Josh Welch were also sworn in.

Avera and Borges each have a unique quality they will bring to the department.

"I was born in Cuba. But, I lived in this city all of my entire life. I'm actually a bilingual officer and I'm going to be the gap on the bridge between the Hispanic community and the Laurel Police Department," said Borges.

"Once I get my mind set on something, I'm going to go after it and make sure I go all the way to the end and finish what I start," said Avera.

The men who were sworn in will look to serve the community to the best of their abilities.

The Laurel Police Department now have 53 officers on duty.



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