Local high school students attend career prep fair

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Local high school students attend career prep fair.

Transition specialist, Julie Brown said, "They need that little extra help. They might have a disability in reading, or reading comprehension, or something like that. We have some students with autism. So, it's a really good benefit for them because these agencies and local businesses come and they donate their time to interview our students. And, they critique how they do well on a mock interview and how they do on a job application."

Students also learned how to dress for success as well as learning how to battle life by listening to Dwight Owens who is a motivational speaker.

One student thought this was a unique opportunity.

Raleigh High School student, Sammy Sanderford said, "It's pretty cool getting you out there ready for the actual real world where you get out of high school and everything."

Sanderford plans on attending JCJC.

"They got an A/C and refrigeration (class). I want to try and go into it. It just seemed interesting to me. So, I want to try it and see how it works out," said Sanderford.

For these students, there is one important thing they must always keep in the back of their mind.

"The one message they need to remember is yes they have a disability, but yes they can succeed. It takes a village sometimes, but they have support from their teachers. They have support from their families. It's important that they try to be successful and go on to the next level,” said Brown.



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