City of Laurel approves energy efficiency program

LAUREL, Miss. - Laurel City Council plans to go green and save residents money as part of a comprehensive energy saving program.

This week the Council adopted a resolution to sign an agreement with energy management company Schneider Electric.

According to Mayor Johnny Magee Schneider Electric will upgrade street lights and replace other parts of the city's utility systems.

He said, "Everything now is energy efficient it will save the citizens money."

Magee said a lot of the lights and utility systems in the city are 20 to 30 years old and its time for an upgrade. The initial cost will be $3.8 million, but over the next 20 years it will save the city $2.85 million.

"The city will continue to save money past the 20 years too" said Magee. "It brings us to the 21st century as far as lighting and heating and cooling" he added.

The Mississippi Development Authority has to approve the plan before work can begin according to Magee.



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