Local man working with departments to add 'Narcan' nasal sprays, reverses opioid overdose

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - James Moore of Hattiesburg is changing the way law enforcement agencies handle heroin and opioid overdoses.

A small, white, 2 by 2 nasal spray can literally give an addict a second chance at life. Moore said 'Narcan' can reverse an overdose.

Moore lost his son Jeff in April 2015 to a heroin overdose. He now makes it his mission to battle the disease and works with local departments to add the antidote.

“Had he received help sooner rather than later, he would have had a better chance" said Moore.

Moore said the United States loses 1 American every 12 minutes to a drug overdose. During a special ceremony Tuesday night at the Cultural Center Moore recognized 6 local agencies for adding Narcan.

Moore hopes to stop that statistic from growing. "We are asking local police and fire departments to carry Narcan."

He added, "Just like how other departments around the country are doing with them (Narcan) since they are first on the scene, Narcan can reverse a heroin or opioid overdose.”

Seminary Police Department said their jurisdiction is very small and having Narcan on hand is crucial during initial contact.

“We are a very small town and everyone thinks nothing can happen in Seminary, but it definitely can" said Mary Alice Wilson Spokeswoman for SPD.

Wilson added, "And a lot of times with us being so small we are the first ones on the scene.” Moore said he is working to life the negative stigma on addiction. He said he cannot do anything for his son, but he can help people now.

“Even when my son was in a treatment facility, I had the papers that he had, he wrote a letter to people on the outside that was still living the life of active addiction, pleading with that friend to get help" said Moore.

He continued, "I can’t do anything for my son, but I can help him get that message out."

"And hopefully by erasing the stigma of the disease, it can be easier for people living the life of active addiction to come forward and get treatment sooner, where it is more likely to help them" said Moore.

The following agencies now have Narcan: Petal Police Department, Petal Fire department, Lamar County Sheriff's Department, Seminary Police Department, Hattiesburg Police Department, and USM Public Safety.

Moore said he will travel anywhere to advocate Narcan's benefits on behalf of his son and he hopes his mission can save a life.



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