Confederate Memorial Day receives local backlash

Hattiesburg, MS. - A state holiday is drawing some backlash. Protestors stood outside the closed Forrest County Courthouse Monday to protest against Confederate Memorial Day.

According to Brandiilyne Mangum-Dear the courthouse closed due to the holiday. While others believe the confederate symbol showcases pride and heritage, the protesters said otherwise.

Protesters said the taxpayer funded holiday perpetuates hate and racism.

“This is another passive aggressive attempt at our state to try and people in their place" said Mangum-Dear. She said she does not understand why the state has to observe the holiday and hopes one day it will get rid of it.

“This does not reflect our state, we are the hospitality state and we are the hospitality state for all. And Confederate Memorial Day sends a completely different message.”

One protestor Annabeth Rowe said today's Administration focuses on stopping people from coming into the United States, rather than alleviating the hate at home.

“We will not stop, we will not stop, the people here who understands what going on, we are woken up, we are going to be out here" said Rowe.

She added, "And we are going to stay out here until ya’ll take down the flag and we make some damn changes out here.”

On top of getting rid of the controversial holiday protestors hope to see Confederate statues taken down and Mississippi's state flag too.

“This is not my heritage and I do not want to honor it, and I do not want to celebrate it. Because this heritage brings harm to a large part of our state, a large part of our demographic state" said Mangum-Dear.

FOX 23 reached out to a Confederate supporter who was watching the protestors, but he declined to comment.



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