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U.S. Marine Corps League sponsors USM's "Honor Corps" program

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Members of the U.S. Marine Corps League were at Southern Miss' Veterans Center Monday for a special presentation.

The U.S. Marine Corps League announced it will annually sponsor Southern Miss' "Honor Corps" program, which awards student veterans and Army/Air Force ROTC commissioners who graduate with red, white, and blue cords.

Commandant, W.C. Maples said, "It's important because we don't believe that veterans get the due that they should get. Many of us are Vietnam (War) eras and we remember how it was coming home."

"I think it'll give some recognition. I personally don't like a whole lot of recognition. But, I think it's necessary sometimes because veterans aren't given a whole bunch of anything when we get home," said graduating student, Andrew Baggott.

Southern Miss’ Veterans Center said around 40 student veterans and Army/Air Force ROTC commissioners will be graduating this month, and will be wearing their red, white, and blue cords.



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