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Mayoral candidate Rep. Toby Barker hoping to improve Hub-City

HATTIESBURG, MS. - Residents will vote candidates in for Hattiesburg's mayor and city council positions Tuesday for the 2017 General Election.

Democratic candidate Mayor Johnny DuPree is running for his 5th term against Independents State Representative Toby Barker and Shawn O'Hara.

Representative Barker has served on the Mississippi Legislature for the last 10 years and is hoping to use his experience and passion to become Hub-City's next mayor.

“We have been campaigning in every neighborhood across the city, people are energized, I think people are ready for positive change, and we are looking forward to tomorrow and hope everyone gets out" said Barker.

Barker said if elected he will work to better Hattiesburg's infrastructure,education, and customer service.

“We have so much potential in this city" said Barker. "The challenge is that we have to face those things that are holding us back, which are our public schools, our infrastructure, water, sewer, roads."

He continued, "...And how do we unite around those things and plan a path for it and move past it. I am excited about our future. I think for Hattiesburg, the best days are ahead.”

During his time with the Mississippi Legislature, Barker said he has built coalitions and relations that can help improve Hattiesburg.

“I have proven I can work with different kinds of people and get things done" said Barker.

"And in my ten years in the legislature we have built coalitions around early childhood education, the first ever investment. We built coalitions around foster care reform, putting $34 million dollars into new money."

He added, "We built coalitions to rebuild around criminal justice reform to make sure we are modernize, and giving people opportunity to make better decisions.”

Regardless of different political backgrounds, Barker said he will strive to make Hattiesburg a better place.

“I have proven that I can work with people on both sides of the aisle, regardless of region, or political philosophy, and just drive people for better change.”

The polls are open Tuesday starting at 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. The following is a list of where residents can vote:

Ward 1

HIGHLAND PARK, Cornerstone Church, 3202 W. 7th St.

NORTH HEIGHTS, National Guard Armory, 6450 U.S. 49

USM GOLF COURSE, Hattiesburg Moose Lodge, 308 West Hills Drive

Ward 2



EAST 6th STREET USO CLUB, 300 E. 6th St.

Ward 3

WESLEY MANOR, Wesley Manor Retirement Center, 246 Westover Drive

THAMES SCHOOL, 2900 Jamestown Road

Ward 4

BLAIR HIGH SCHOOL, Sigler Center, 315 Conti St.

CAMP SCHOOL, Hattiesburg Public School Administration Office Building, 301 Mamie St.

KAMPER PARK PRECINCT, Kamper Park Zoo/Kamper Park Educational Building, 107 S. 17th Ave.

Ward 5

DIXIE PINE CENTRAL, Palmer's Crossing Community Center, 225 Tatum Road

ROWAN SCHOOL, 500 Martin Luther King Drive

TIMBERTON, Pine Belt Family Y, 3719 U.S. 11



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