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Wiggins Police catch more than 10 alleged drug dealers, more suspects

WIGGINS, MS. - An early morning drug roundup Friday put at least 11 alleged drug dealers behind bars.

The Wiggins Police Department, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, and Drug Enforcement Agency worked together for six weeks with an undercover drug operation.

Wiggins Police Chief Matt Barnett said the suspects are arrested for sale or conspiracy of selling drugs to an undercover officer.

According to Barnett the suspects sold ice, crystal meth, methamphetamine, Xanax, and marijuana. Chief Barnett said, “We have been getting information, from our concerned citizens about people on the streets selling drugs and that is what we are doing is trying to clean up the streets.”


uthorities brought in suspects one by one into the Wiggins Police Department early Friday. “Some streets, you cannot even drive down without 4 or 5 people stopping you trying to sell drugs. The good hard working people are tired of dealing with it" said Chief Barnett.

Chief Barnett said several of the suspects were on parole or probation for prior felony charges.

"I hope they are found guilty by a jury of their peers, the courts, and MDOC" Chief Barnett said. He added, "Hopefully be rehabilitated and be productive members of society.”

The suspects will have a set hearing date next week. According to Chief Barnett officials are still searching for more suspects.



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