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Wayne county authorities searching for suspect after pursuit chase, deputy injured

WAYNE COUNTY, MS. - A routine check point in Wayne county left a deputy injured and authorities searching for a suspect Friday night.

According to Wayne County Sheriff Jody Ashley officers were set up on Shubuta Road when a black sedan drove right through the check point.

“We got a marked unit there where they (drivers) can see its reflective" said Sheriff Ashley.

He added, "This individual knew this was a safety check-point. Possibly had drugs in this vehicle, and didn’t want to stop.”

The two narcotics officer and one deputy had their blue lights flashing, but that did not stop the driver according to Sheriff Ashley.

Wayne County Narcotics Officer Kevin McDonald said the driver was coming right at them at 55 miles per hour (mph).

According to Officer McDonald, another officer, John Williams pursued the driver.

He said, "The officer pursued the black vehicle, to the “T” which is Shubuta, Yucata Road in Beat 4 Shubuta."

"That subject pursued left, that subject continued pursuing, John tried to pursue him.”

Officers Williams was right on his tail, but was not able to make the sharp left.

“The officer rolled the patrol car into the ditch, hitting a tree, and as I came up, I was the first one on scene, all I saw was the patrol car turned over" said Officer McDonald.

Officers Williams suffered moderate injures and was taken to Wayne General Hospital and was later released.

Sheriff Ashley said Crime Stoppers if offering a $1,000 reward with any information

“The partial license plate is going to be WV or WT, which we know it is a Wayne county tag" Sheriff Ashley said.

He added,“These safety check points, we are here checking driver license, safety equipment, this individual had no regard for these officers’ lives and we need to get him, apprehend him, and charge him with assault.”

If you have any information you can contact Wayne County Sheriff's Department at (601) 735-2323.



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