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Officials create new Visit Hattiesburg banners

HATTIESBURG, MS. - If you are headed downtown you will see new Visit Hattiesburg banners hung up on lamp poles.

Visit Hattiesburg's Marketing Director Marlo Dorsey said officials are hanging up a total of 14 new banners.

The designs and action verbs on the banner are created by the Visit Hattiesburg team.

“You want to feel that sense of place, you want to know where you are" said Dorsey. She added, "Hattiesburg is a very creative community, it is filled with local flavor, the culinary scene, the music scene, lots of wonderful things to do outdoors."

"So what better way to advertise those things than to put it downtown in the beautiful Hattiesburg?" Dorsey said.

Officials hope to create more banners and spread them throughout Hub-City.



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