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Two brothers take on leadership roles in Laurel

LAUREL, Miss. - The City of Laurel now have two brothers working at city hall.

Travares Comegys is serving in his second term as Ward 6 City Councilman, and his brother, Stacy Comegys, was just named Ward 5 City Councilman.

"I just want to be a servant to my community. I have a deep passion to see not only Ward 5 improve, but the City of Laurel as well. So just the fact that I want to see Laurel to be its best is the reason why I was so determined to be a councilman," said Stacy.

This year was the third time Stacy ran for Ward 5 City Councilman. He ended up losing both times by a few votes, but that did not deter him from running again.

"The Father put things on you when he wants you to have it. So, I'm in a better position now. I understand a lot more about city government. So, it was just a perfect timing for me," said Stacy.

"I know how hard he worked to get that seat, to get in at Ward 5. He's the one that inspired me. So when he actually won, it was just overwhelming for me," said Travares.

The Comegys' are very competitive and want to do everything in their power to make Laurel better.

"With him being here now, I have someone that's on the council that I know that's like-minded like me. I know that he wants the same things that I want in terms of where he wants to see Laurel go. So, you can just expect great things," said Travares.

Stacy wants to thank his family, friends, and supporters for believing in him and helping him receive his new position.

The Comegys' are also co-owners of J.C. Beauty Supply.



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