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Roundup, it’s located in the gardening section of many stores. It’s said to kill weeds, but it may be doing more than just that.

“I think it’s a culprit for a lot of sick people with blood disorders,” said Richard Schwartz, founding attorney of Schwartz & Associates in Jackson.

He and other attorneys nationwide are representing people affected by a product they say is linked to cancer.

“Part of the allegation is that the company didn’t tell anyone that this could be a dangerous product, you need to be aware of it,” said Schwartz.

Glyphosate is the agent in Roundup that’s linked to blood cancers. So far, it’s been banned in many countries. It’s been banned in New York and perhaps California.

“The state of California, right now, is either going to ban it or make sure it has warnings telling you the dangers of cancer related to Roundup and glyphosate,” said Schwartz.

But that’s just two out of 50 states. Roundup is manufactured by Monsanto, the largest seed manufacturer in the world, and the same company who manufactured the notorious chemicals Agent Orange and DDT.

“Monsanto has a $6-billion-a-year incentive to make sure it still stays on the market. Even today they say it’s safe,” said Schwartz.

On the Roundup bottle it says glyphosate only targets plants, not people or pets. But evidence suggests otherwise.

“EPA had ruled that it could cause cancer. Then years later, on their own, they decided to do a re-investigation on Roundup. They concluded that it’s not something that causes cancer. The guy who did that investigation left two days later from the EPA. Now, there’s evidence that he was somehow in collusion with Monsanto to skew those records,” said Schwartz.

Schwartz said it’s time that Monsanto own up to the hidden dangers in Roundup.

“We’re trying to make sure companies in America don’t get away with something like this.”

If you think you may be affected by round up you can contact Schwartz & Associates at 601-988-8888.



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