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Mayor Johnny Magee swears in for his second term

LAUREL, Miss. - Mayor Johnny Magee along with Laurel City Council were sworn in Monday at the Laurel Little Theater.

Mayor Magee will now serve in his second term, and has big plans for the city.

"It's a good time to be mayor because things are positive in Laurel right now. A lot of buildings. A lot of renovations. And I'm just glad to be mayor at this time. We keep working 24/7," said Mayor Magee.

Mayor Magee has one specific topic he wants to address in future council meetings.

"Litter, junk, overgrown lots, all that creates crime. It invites crime. And we want people to live in communities where it's safe. So, we try to keep the city clean as possible," said Mayor Magee.

City Council has three new members, including Ward 5 Councilman, Stacy Comegys, who is the brother of Ward 6 Councilman, Travares Comegys.

"I'm looking forward to working with my fellow councilmembers and working with the mayor to just move this city forward, just working together and working in harmony," said Stacy.

"We want to revitalize all the communities as well as downtown. And I think we're headed in that direction. We have a great council, and we have a great mayor. And we all are working on one accord to get that done," said Travares.

The Comegys' also believe they are the first brothers to serve as Laurel City Councilmen in the same term.



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