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City Council members unanimously approve Barker's nominations

HATTIESBURG, MS. - Newly elected Mayor Toby Barker and council members held its first city council meeting Wednesday following the holiday break.

City council voted 5-0 and approved Mayor Barker's nominations for city positions he appointed during his Inauguration and earlier this week.

Council members approved Ann Jones as Chief Administrative Officer, Kermas Eaton as City Clerk, and Randy Pope as City Attorney.

City council President Carter Carroll said, "I think she (Ann Jones) will help the Mayor do a wonderful job at that." According to Carroll the last time Jones' position was filled was 8 years ago. He said, "We are bringing that position back...we have created that position now until its admonished by either our council or another council."

"Randy Pope I have known all my life and he is an excellent attorney and he will help the Mayor and council a lot" said Carroll.

He continued, "The Mayor has asked to bring back Kermas Eaton as the City Clerk so I think he will do an excellent job as well."

Carter said, "So I am very pleased with the appointees we were asked to approve today."

Officials also voted 5-0 to lift the hiring freeze that was implemented three weeks ago during a special-called session.

"We did a temporary hiring freeze during the interim time between Mayor DuPree and Mayor Barker's position, just to keep things straight so the new Mayor can come in and be able to be make the changes that he felt necessary" said Carroll.

The new appointees are effected as of today according to Carroll.



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