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Hattiesburg ranks top 5 on Best Places to Live Report

Hattiesburg, Miss. - If you make six figures or more, you are in the right place. Hattiesburg ranks number four on MagnifyMoney's Bestand Worst CitiesTo Live ona Six-Figure Income Report.

More than 300 major metro cities across the U.S. were analyzed to see where a family earning $100,000 can live most comfortably. In Mississippi, analysis uncovered that after factoring in basic budget items such as taxes, housing and transportation - six figure families can easily live comfortably in Hattiesburg. Mississippi's state capital, Jackson, wasn't far behind on the list landing at the number nine spot.

“Our economy is humming. It’s built on health care, education, military…we also have a very robust manufacturing and retail base. So our diverse economy really leads itself to a lot of job growth.” Chad Newell, ADP President said. "Being in a university town and having quality education at an affordable rate, that’s available at southern miss, William Carey, pearl river community college and Jones county junior college..we have 26,000 college students within a 30 miles radius so its nice to have affordable educational opportunities for our citizens."

Hattiesburg is not only cost-effective however, it is a good place to live. “Arts, sports, recreation, you know 41 mile long life trace hiking, you know biking, walking pretty phenomenal. So we have a lot of recreational amenities at our finger tips here.” Newell said.

Newell shared that Hattiesburg is under the spotlight this past week after yet another accolades from the Bureau Labor of Statistics for taking the number one spot in the state for job growth.



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