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William Carey continues to undergo recontruction

Hattiesburg, Miss. - William Carey University officials prepare to wrap up summer construction for a few areas on campus.

The university's anatomy lab was destroyed after an EF-3 tornado hit the campus in January. However, it will be completely restored before the end of the summer.

“The anatomy lab was destroyed so it had to be completely rebuilt. It’s finished except for a few finishing touches and then they’ll be done by next week," Dr. Tommy King, William Carey University President said.

Though fall semester is right around the corner, there are a couple of living quarters that will remain under construction. “The two dorms that were totally destroyed, were in the process of building new dorms, they will be ready a year from now in the summer,” Dr. King said.

University officials are ready to see change and they are more than grateful for the community's support. “Thank you to the community for the support, especially the Asbury foundation, that came fourth with a major gift, which will allow us to rebuild all of the buildings that we lost better than ever.”



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