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Best Buy awards Collins Elementary School with 25k in HP Technology


COLLINS, Miss. - Best Buy granted Collins Elementary School with a $25,000 check to amp up the music department.

“I know how hard it is in the school systems to come across money and the fact that Ms. Henry tweeted this out and got to win this money is fantastic for us," Best Buy General Manager, Laura McGlockin said.

Music Teacher, Ashley Henry, participated in Best Buy's national tweet competition 'what would your school do with $25,000 in HP Tech?' Henry shared that she decided to tweet back 'we would use it for our k through 12 schools'

She plans to integrate the HP technology to show students a more creative side to music. "It’s going to be a learning studio. So what we're going to is we're going to give students a chance to learn music the end of the year maybe do like a music production, learn how to make music videos," Henry said.

Henry said the HP technology will give students new learning advantages that may change their perspective on music. "It also comes with like a stop motion animation program, so they’re going to be able to use that as well. So also we’re probably going to use it to help teach them piano. So it kind of gives the students a head start in music and music production,"

The Covington school district is thankful for Best Buy's HP check award. Collins Elementary School plans to make a musical difference.



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