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Locals volunteer to help Hurricane Harvey victims

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Hurricane Harvey hit Houston Friday night, and has proven to be deadly and destructive.

Locals here in the Pine Belt have volunteered with American Red Cross, and are making their way to Houston to help those affected by the storm.

"We're actually signed to mass care, which is feeding. We may do mobile feeding. We may be doing fixed-site feeding. But, we will be going out and feeding people," said volunteer, Carole Summerall.

Summerall spent her birthday helping those affected by Hurricane Katrina. And with her birthday being Tuesday, she will be volunteering her time to help hurricane victims again.

"I don't mind. I would rather be helping people that really need help," said Summerall.

Summerall said they will be serving 400-800 meals per day. Teams will also help with clean-up and sheltering.

"Our paycheck is a big hug when you go out and help people in floods, tornadoes. They don't have any homes left. And you come and give them a meal, blanket, or anything you give them, they appreciate it," said instructor, David Loveless.

Volunteers will be there for at least two weeks helping victims in need.



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