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DuBard School host annual Black and Gold day

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The DuBard School of Language and Disorders held their annual Black and Gold day Friday with USM's football team, coaches and staff.

Each year, the day before the first USM football game, coaches, staff and members of the Southern Miss football team visit the DuBard School to learn more about the school, sign autographs and meet students.

“They’ve written stories, they’ve learned sentences, they’ve written stories about the coach, they’re learning questions, they’ve colored pictures," said Missy Schrader, Director of the DuBard School.

"...they’ve done football foot ball players and cheerleaders and then today everyone is wearing their black and gold, clothes so they can just support the eagles,”

USM football coach Jay Hopson, said he felt grateful and inspired after the warm annual welcome. “It’s an inspiration to me, these children are amazing and the teachers at the DuBard school are as good as it gets," Hopson shared with a grin.

"They’re the best...just to see what these children have over come and just [to] see what they can do is pretty amazing,"

Schrader said the energy and joy is something the students will never forget. " Oh we see a lot of excitement here between the players and the students, the coaches, its just such a good time for them to come and just to show our students, that they have to work hard everyday,” Schrader shared.

Coach Hopson said visiting the DuBard school is more than community service. “These children, it might be a big thrill for these children to see the players, but I think its also great for these children to teach our players, they teach me things every year,"



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