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Petal firefighters rescue thousands of Texas storm victims

The team partnered with air boaters from the Boat fishing Association of America. According to PFD Assistant Chief Marion Sims the firefighters helped rescue thousands of lives.

The team returned late Thursday with their rescue boats and water equipment. "Over in Texas everybody needs to see it for once, it is sad."

"It's sad looking at all the destruction and the floods, and knowing what they have to go through since we went through Katrina" says Assistant Chief Sims.

He adds, "You see a lot of families setting out and praying and looking through the memories that they lost."

The firefighters have extensive training and experience assisting in water rescues. The firefighters are swift water technicians and public safety divers.

According to Assistant Chief Sims if the city sends them back to Texas they will be more than willing to go.

"Petal loves going out to areas of help when we have the chance to and if we need to go back to Texas, we will go back to Texas" he says.



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