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Petal students, faculty celebrate Toni Marino

PETAL, Miss. - Hundreds of kids from Petal Primary and Petal Elementary School came together Monday morning to honor those who have battled or are currently battling cancer, including Toni Marino.

"She battled cancer for quite sometime. It was a courageous battle. And she's enjoying the reaps and benefits of what happens after that," said Petal Primary Principal, Tessa Trimm.

Toni battled leukemia for three years and ended up beating it. However, she died on December 26, 2016 when she was just 11-years-old, due to the side effects of the treatment she received.

"Toni was a special, special little girl. She's got an amazing younger brother, Cam. Cam was also a student on our campus. Cam actually went through a bone-marrow transplant for his sister. And it's just an inspirational story to see them and what their family has done,” said Trimm.

The City of Petal declared September 11 as "Toni Marino Day" to celebrate her life, and to also bring awareness to cancer.

"She was just so courageous: fought for three years, overcame four different times cancer came back, two transplants, and fought all the way to the end. So, it brings a lot of courage I pray to these kids and others that it's never hopeless. You can fight even in the darkest circumstances," said Brad Eubank, Pastor of First Baptist Church.

Trimm said they will always honor Toni and will cherish the memories they have had with her.



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