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$10 million street project underway in Laurel

LAUREL, Miss. - The ten million dollar street repair project is underway in Laurel as summer comes to a close.

Mayor of Laurel, Johnny Magee said tax payers are about to see infrastructure change near the flag pole on central avenue.

“We’re going to start on fifth avenue, pretty soon, we’re going to replace water lines, sewer lines, services to everybody’s house. It’s going to be a long drawn out project but at the end of the project I think everyone will be happy that we have undertaken this project," said Magee.

Magee said the project is scheduled to begin this fall.

"Ten million dollars sound like a lot of money but it doesn’t go far when you start paving streets and tearing up streets." Magee stated.

Laurel City Council reported the project will take about a year and a half to be completed.



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