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Forrest Co. District 1 Election Commissioner Resigns

FORREST COUNTY, MS. - Forrest County District 1 Election Commissioner, Tyler Wood, 18, resigned Monday.

In a Facebook post Wood cited personal reasons for turning in his resignation to the Board of Supervisors. He was elected in November 2016 and beat the incumbent Charlie Phillips.

Wood says, "I'm sorry to say that I have turned in my resignation papers this morning because of personal reasons. I feel like it was God's will for me to get elected and defeat Charles Phillips and now I'm being called in a different direction. I am so grateful for all the support I have had throughout the year, y'all have been amazing."

"A new Election Commissioner will be appointed by Mr David Hogan and then next November (2018) a election will be held to determine the next elected Election Commissioner of District One will be" says Wood.

Wood is one of the county's youngest Election Commissioner.



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