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Laurel to reinvest $2.8 million with new energy contract

LAUREL, Miss. - The city of Laurel kicked off a $2 million construction project Thursday, with Schneider Electric company to improve city infrastructure.

“We’ve been working with the city of Laurel for over a year now on a project that will enable the city to reinvest about $2.8 million in utility costs into upgrading their infrastructure,” said Schneider sales associate, Allie Harris.

The project includes a remodeling of 3,000 new lights, new heating and cooling systems at community facilities, new phone systems and more.

“Well for instance, the LED lights are going to reduce the amount of energy by 60 percent of what your current lights are doing and most cases. We’re going to be putting controls in the buildings so that they’re not running when no one is inside of them.” said Harris.

Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee said he looks forward to re-investing the city's money by purchasing light bulbs and other equipment from local businesses.

"We will be buying the lighting from a local company that employs several people and that money will be put back into the local economy," said Magee.

Officials say the project will provide a sustainable solution that will enable the city to reduce utility costs by 20 percent and phone cost by 17 percent.

“We’ll be doing some new phone systems, which is voice over IP, which is basically using the internet to talk. So that saves money and we will be saving the citizen’s money." Magee stated.

Over the next several months, Schneider Electric will implement upgrades throughout the city.



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