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Mayor swears in appointed and reappointed municipal court members

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Mayor Toby Barker swore in newly appointed and reappointed municipal court judges, prosecutors and clerks Wednesday downtown.

“Our vision is that Hattiesburg, like everything else that it does will have a world class municipal court. We have the talent to do that we have the skill and now it’s a matter of putting together the pieces and getting it done,” said Mayor Toby Barker.

Mayor Barker appointed the new Hattiesburg Municipal Court Judge, Wes Curry.

“I’m honored, very thankful to the mayor for appointing me to this position. I’m excited about doing the work and looking forward to getting in there next week and seeing what we have to do. To make sure that we have to best municipal court that we can have,”

Curry said he has a few plans in mind, but rather discuss them first with his team before placing them into action.

“My plan is to get in there Monday with boots on the ground, see what changes need to be made make them. With the help of Phillip McSwain the new clerk, institute those changes as quick as we can to get this court running efficiently and effectively for the city,” said Curry.

Barker said Hattiesburg will continue to move forward in the direction of success.



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