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Lumberton Police searches for drive by suspects

LUMBERTON, Miss. - The Lumberton Police department is currently looking for suspects linked to a drive by shooting.

On August 7, a group of suspects fired shots into an Alderman's residence on the 800 block of Oak Street. The nine millimeter bullets traveled throughout the house without injuring anyone inside.

Lumberton Police Chief, Shane Flynt, said an incident that occurred earlier that day could be the cause of the retaliation.

“There’s an incident that occurred between several subjects in a separate part of town, that resulted in a certain subject getting her windows knocked out of her car. We feel that do to the fact that her windows was busted out of her car, that some of the subjects that was involved retaliated out of anger, assuming that in the 800th block of oak street some of the subjects could have had something to do with that incident,” said Flynt.

The suspects were last seen in a white vehicle, driving north towards Purvis. Several shell cases were found in the home and sent to a crime lab.

If anyone has any additional information in regards to the crime, please contact the Lumberton Police or Metro Crime Stoppers.



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