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HPD's 'Coffee with a Cop' event attracts more citizens

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Hattiesburg Police Officers and other first responders began their day with a cup of coffee at the Depot Coffee House Tuesday.

Police Officers, Firefighters and other first responders gathered at the Depot Coffee House to create a space for people to ask questions, voice their concerns and get familiar with local faces.

“Visit with us, talk with us, tell us your problems. If you’re having a problem with burglaries whatever it is let us know. Sit down with us and we’ll make we take notes while you’re here,” said Hattiesburg Police Chief, Anthony Parker.

Parker and his team wants people in the community to understand, 'they're just everyday citizens'

"It’s just a neutral location where you can come and sit-down and talk with Police officers. And today it looks like it’s getting bigger and bigger. I’m very pleased with the turn out we are having,” said Parker.

The event will be held on the second Tuesday of each month, in different locations throughout Hattiesburg.



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