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Transylvania Bowl Blood Drive

USM had a friendly competition on-campus Tuesday at its annual Transylvania Bowl. It's a competitive blood drive between USM, Mississippi State, and the University of Mississippi.

"It's been going on... Oh, I don't know probably ten to fifteen years, and we have blood drives at each of the schools," the marketing representative for Mississippi Blood Services, Dana Brohaugh said. "The school that has the most blood donors during the Transylvania Bowl will win a fifteen hundred dollar scholarship to present to one of their students, and last year Southern won."

USM student, Richard Tyler Huber wanted to make sure he did his part by donating and encouraging more students to come out and give blood.

"You need to come out, you need to donate. The amount of lives you save is just crazy," Huber said. "The amount of lives that are saved all over this nation because of people that change their mind at the last split second... guess what in that split second decision, you just save somebody else that needed it."

Mississippi Blood Services sponsored Tuesday's event and will be on USM's campus collecting blood until Thursday afternoon.



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