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Fire Dept to test fire hydrants city wide

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Beginning Friday, October 13 the Hattiesburg Fire Department will start testing over 2,000 fire hydrants across the city.

Testing is done on a yearly basis to ensure that all hydrants work properly for the city to maintain it's high class four rating.

“If your water comes out rusty just let it run for maybe a few seconds until it clears and it should be fine,” said Hattiesburg Fire Chief, Paul Presley "The rating bureau comes down every five years or so and they make sure we have everything up to par. We have records showing them that we test the hydrants, and that helps and is one of the things that helps us keep our class four rating,”

Chief Presley says water rust may come out in faucets of homes, schools and businesses. The fire department will test hydrants from Oct. 13 until Dec. 8



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