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New Professional Baseball Team In Laurel

"It's the first time for us, you know to bring a professional baseball team to this area," Laurel's park and recreations director, Elvin Ulmer said.

That's right, professional baseball is now in the city of Laurel. Something Mayor, Johnny Magee welcomes with open arms.

"It's great for Laurel," Mayor, Magee said. "Laurel is the baseball capital of the world and to be able to offer a different venue to the fans and to the players is great for Laurel."

Laurel's new team will play in the Urban Professional Baseball League (UPBL). A league that is full of predominately African Americans.

"I think it is very big for the African American community," UPBL coach, Michael Mayden said. "I think it is very big for baseball and promoting diversity, and to come down south where it is a rich tradition... I think it's a great moment."

The league provides many players a second chance to live their dreams.

"There are lot people in Laurel that didn't get drafted in college, didn't get drafted into the pros, but now they'll have an opportunity to play the game that they love," Mayor, Magee said.

That's why the city of Laurel is hoping that this team can hit a home run in the community.

"I'm just asking the public to get behind us, this is something new in the community," Ulmer said. "To have a professional baseball team and bring it to South Mississippi... We would just like for everyone to keep their ears and eyes open. Once this league kicks off, come out and support us."

"I'm looking forward to seeing these young people fill up these stands," coach, Mayden said. "Come out shouting and cheering, and picking out their favorite player and making them their local hero."

Tryouts for Laurel's new team starts tomorrow. .

(For more information about tryouts visit



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