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Roma Graham teach local youth confidence, poise and etiquette

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - One local woman says her passion is to shape how the confidence of young people in Hattiesburg.

Roma Rahaim Graham, has taught young people how to dance, converse and share. She is the Director of the National League of Junior Cotillions of the Greater Hattiesburg Chapter.

" We need something, that the kids feel that they can handle their situation. We hope by teaching some manners and character education and other example of giving them self confidence – when they are put in challenged position – that’s what I really like to emphasize – that they feel confident enough to make the right choice, and not feel pressured by someone who’s trying to pull them in the wrong direction,” said Graham.

The Cotillion teaches children how to participate in group settings, polite conversation, table manners and other areas of social behavior. “We teach to try to have the student learn honor, dignity and respect towards others,” Graham said when children learn soft skills, it not only prepares their social life but, their professional life as well.

“The students right now may think, ‘what are we doing things for Ms. Roma?’ they’ll say. But I tell them, you have to practice because you want it to be second nature and be very comfortable with what you are working on, like you what you would do in football and baseball. I tell them, you don’t wait until its game day to get those plays down. You’ve got to know, so you use muscle memory basically you’re ready to function,”

She stated she would like to train the youth for years to come because she understands they are tomorrow's leaders.

“I’m influencing somebody, if we can just do it [for] a few people, then I have been successful, and look at the little things in life, because when it gets down to it, when you’ve made a difference in somebody’s life I think that’s the best success that anybody can have and feel really good about,”



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