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Greg Burroughs First Hearing

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Laurel residents packed the Jones County Court House for Greg Burroughs initial hearing. Burroughs faces manslaughter charges after the death of his former girlfriend, Katherine Sinclair.

Wednesday, Burroughs pleaded not guilty during his hearing.

"What occurred this morning was a bail hearing before the circuit judge, since the grand jury had indicted Gregory Burroughs," Jones County District Attorney, Anthony Buckley said. "He is entitled to bail under the constitution of the state of Mississippi, and the constitution of the United States. The judge went through the flight risk for the bail, and determined he was entitled to bail to secure his presence at trial... Bail was set at one-hundred-twenty-five thousand dollars. The state required that his passport be surrendered, and his passport was tended to my office."

The case is now set for trial June 6.



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