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Hattiesburg Fire And Police Department Use "No Shave November" For A Good Cause

HATTIESBURG, MISS - The Hattiesburg Fire Department is participating in "No Shave November."

"We're doing it for a little girl named Kaitlyn Wright she just recently turned two-years-old. This past summer was diagnosed with AML which is a form of Leukemia and she is about to start her fifth round of chemotherapy," Hattiesburg firefighter, Jourdan Arnold said.

As of today, Kaitlyn has had more chemotherapy treatments than she has had birthdays. This is one of the many reasons, the Hattiesburg Fire Department will use this month "No Shave November" to bring awareness to Kaitlyn's situation, as well as collect money from donations to help Kaitlyn's family.

"Her mother and father are spending every moment they can with her, but her dad has had to take a leave of absence to be with her and get her back and forth to the hospital," Arnold said. "Obviously that puts a financial strain on the household, and we thought that was just something we could help out with... to help them focus on what's important right now, which is being with their daughter."

The Hattiesburg police are also participating in "No Shave November."

"We're participating in 'No Shave November' basically to raise funds for the police benefit fund," Hattiesburg Police Department's, Lt. Allen Murray said.

The benefit fund allows HPD to give back to the public.

"Just in case if heaven forbids, there is a death in the family... we may send cards, a basket, and flowers to the family," Murray said. "Heaven forbids if you have a house fire and someone loses all their clothing or other belongs they need, we may be able to help them out."

Instead of fighting fires or crime, first responders will take on a bigger fight against cancer for people like Kaitlyn.



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