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City celebrates veteran's day with parade and ceremony

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The city of Hattiesburg hosted a Veterans Day Service Ceremony and Parade Friday to commemorate local veterans.

“I got to say, we’re the greatest nation on earth. We’re a very blessed nation. And what has made us a very great nation on earth are our veterans. It’s our veterans that has come before us, those who are currently serving and those who are yet to serve.” said Congressman Steven Palazzo.

Local area veterans honored Patricia Thompson as '2017 Veteran of the Year' due to her continuing service in the community. “I am not accustomed to being out front in the lime light. However, I firmly believe that my 24 years of service in the army has fully prepared me to continue to serve for this great community. In every way possible.” said 24 year Army service woman, Patricia Thompson.

Mayor Barker also explain to the community the city is a veteran's community to people during the ceremony. “Among us every day are heroes of our generation and all branches of service. Whether in war time or in seasons of peace, all of us know someone – whether in our family, group of friends, church or community that has worn the uniform and prepared to risk all for the sake of our country,”

Speaker Colonel Bobby Gin Jr of Camp Shelby ended the program sharing his perspective of war and military. “As a grandson of a world war one veteran, a son of a world war two veteran, and as a veteran of operation Iraqi freedom – lets say no one hates war more than a solider. Today less than one percent of our population serve in the military,” said Ginn Jr.

The program showcased local military leaders, people around the community and flags that represents each military branch.



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