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Veterans Memorial Museum, Holds Annual Veterans Day Celebration

HATTIESBURG, MISS - The Veterans Memorial Museum in Laurel held its annual Veterans Day Celebration, Friday morning. "On the battlefield, all blood runs red and we left a lot of our comrades on the battlefield. We don't take that lightly," Veterans Memorial Museum's CEO/Chairman, Victor Lee said. Which is one of the many reasons, the Veterans Memorial Museum took time to show its gratitude. "It's important that our public recognizes and supports our veterans," U.S. retired colonel, Scott Carson said. "Veterans Day is a day of celebration," Lee said. "We celebrate all the veterans that are alive today and those who have passed since coming home from the wars." Lee says he personally knows the scarifies these veterans make, and how it feels to come home from a war. Lee was shot in the Vietnam War, and despite being wounded during the war Lee says he still feels fortunate. "I was fortunate. I was brought back by a military aircraft. I did not land at a regular airport. When I landed, I landed at an American Air Base here and was put on another plane. Then flew to my final destination... at the hospital for recovery," Lee said. Lee serves as just a small reminder for one of the many reasons why Veterans Day is special. "They risk their very lives out there on the other side of the world on the battlefield to keep our flag flying, and to keep our freedom secure," Colonel, Carson said. "So having them come back from those battlefields or having retired from the military, it's very important that our cities and right here in the Pine Belt support, recognize, and honor their service."



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