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Oak Grove Fire Department acquires new Truck

OAK GROVE, Miss. - The Oak Grove Fire Department recently purchased a new fire truck.

“Several years ago, our district commissioners came up with a plan to replace a 1995 fire truck, that was a commercial truck, that was rated for 15 years of service – we actually maintained that truck for twenty two years to be exact. We saw a need for a new truck,” said Oak Grove Fire Chief Patrick Kelly.

Kelly explains the new $425,000 truck has modern and advance equipment needed for different types of emergencies.

“This truck incorporates all the current national fire protection safety items to meet current standards. It also has a high capacity fire pump and fire tank or water tank and pump system included on the truck. It has integrated thermal imaging systems installed and its just a much more safer up to date truck for the current fire department,”

He state the 27 active staff members have access to tools like the Thermal Imaging System for locating heat sources from humans during a fire.

“Our hope is that the new truck will bring a higher level of service a more dependable level of service,”



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