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Cyber Monday Could Out Sell Black Friday

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Many customers waited outside several stores Friday night, while other sat in front of their computer waiting for Cyber Monday. Some believe Cyber Monday will one day make Black Friday a thing of the past. For the first time in history, Cyber Monday expects to generate more sales than Black Friday. This year, Black Friday generated a total of 5 billion dollars in sales. While Cyber Monday expects to generate 6.6 billion dollars in sales. "Cyber Monday is becoming bigger every year," Toys 'R' Us, manager, Tim Reeves said. But how big could Cyber Monday actually become? "I don't know," Reeves replied. "It's difficult to say. I mean it just seems to be growing every year, so it just seems like it is going to keep going up. I mean, people love to take advantage of deals online, but you know we still have great deals in the store as well." Which raises questions about which deals do customers prefer, online or in-store shopping? This caused for us to ask random people on the street, which form of shopping do they prefer. "I would probably say that I prefer Cyber Monday," Pine Belt resident, Lauren Reynolds said. "Just because shopping has become such a hassle, and Cyber Monday is a lot easier with all the technology we have access to these days. Also, I like to spend Thursday night with my family, so I enjoy Cyber Monday much better." "I would have to go with Cyber Monday," Pine Belt resident, Rama Lightfoot said. "I've been working in retail the past nine years, and literally this is the first year I've done Black Friday. It was an interesting experience... the nature of the lines you have to wait in... just waiting for the availability to check out is just brutal." "Probably Black Friday," Pine Belt resident, Archie Hinton said. "I guess over the years, I've just got used to it on Black Friday. Mostly, Cyber Monday I'm working." The story about whether Cyber Monday will pass Black Friday still remains to be written, but for the first time ever, Black Friday online sales passed traditional in-store purchases on Black Friday this year for the first time ever.



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