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USM's School of Music Ranks as one of the Nation's Best Values

HATTIESBURG, MISS - The University of Southern Mississippi ranks as one of the nation's best values for music majors, according to an online resource guide called Great Value Colleges. USM is the only Mississippi college or university to earn a spot in the top 60. "We are the flagship music institution of Mississippi," USM's director of the school of music, Richard Kravchak said. "And our professors do perform at the highest level, and are acknowledged by their peers as the best in the business... so, they are able to pass on that love, passion, and expertise on to our students." If the quality of the education alone is not enough to knock your socks off, then how about the cost? "We are one of the best values in music education as well... because not only for our in-state tuition, but our out-of-state tuition is only two-thousand dollars more than our in-state tuition," Kravchak said. A quality education of a low price. However, Kravchak says that's not the best part. "The best part for the program is absolutely our students. They come here, they are eager to learn, they are easy to work with, they collaborate with each other, they collaborate with us, they ask us outstanding questions, and we are also very proud of their achievements," Kravchak said. "If you're looking for a school that's a good size that has a good group of people to be around that you can trust, and spend a very large amount of time with, and not get sick of it... this is a good group," USM music student, Denton Carney said.

The university is also one of a select few group of schools with all four areas of art accredited.



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